Cornwall Denture Options

CQR™ Dentures:

If you wear dentures or are being fitted for dentures, Cornwall Denture Clinic is one of only a few denture clinics in the UK to offer – CQR™ Dentures – a revolutionary concept for full dentures!
CQR™ Dentures are based on modern research techniques into muscle function and mathematical modelling from a NASA space engineer and designed by a group of dental professionals and scientists from Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.
This new construction process allows Anthony Bonner CDT to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of your mouth. This means that muscles of the jaw can work more effectively to allow a better chewing action. They are also more stable so that you feel more confident when smiling and talking and there is less rubbing against the gums too!
Dentist, Dr Andy Toy comments, “Everyday people resort to chewing the softest foods because of their unstable dentures, having a major effect on their quality of life. Now we can produce dentures that work in complete harmony with the movement of the patient’s lower jaw. Patients are chewing foods they haven’t been able to touch for years and their taste has improved, too.”
Patient’s comments:
• “I’ve been eating peanuts for the first time in 35 years. I’d forgotten how they taste.”
• “I can look down a menu and choose whatever I like now. It’s not just fish or soft chicken anymore, I’m on the steaks!”
• “I can’t believe how much better foods taste now that I can actually chew them properly.”
• “I’ve never had so much comfort and confidence with a denture. Thank You!”

BPS Precision Dentures:

BPS stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System. Precise measurements and instruments are used to place your denture teeth in the same positions that your natural teeth would have been. Coupled with natural looking hard wearing teeth and the latest injection moulding system, it creates beautifully cosmetic, well-fitting and long lasting full dentures.

Standard and Basic Full Dentures:

We understand that not everyone wants or requires our precision dentures. Our standard and basic dentures are made using traditional techniques and materials and are fitted with premium or basic acrylic teeth.

Metal and Semi-flexible Partial Dentures:

Most dentures are made from hard acrylic, however; dentures can be made from alternative materials. Metal is often used to make partial dentures. These types of dentures are stronger and can be healthier for your gums and teeth. Semi-flexible plastic dentures are a relatively new type of partial denture that may be retained by gripping around existing teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures:

Although Anthony will go to great lengths to provide you with dentures that are stable and trouble free, sometimes the only way to achieve adequate stability is to retain your dentures with dental implants. This situation is most likely to occur if the shape of your mouth makes it difficult to retain your dentures. Anthony works closely with the dental team at the Bay Dental Practice in Penzance. If you would like more advice about dental implants please contact The Bay Dental Practice on 01736 369359 or visit them at