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Lower suction dentures

We have been making lower suction dentures for a couple of years now with great success. This has been a revolution for us. It always been very difficult to make a stable lower full denture but, Dr Abe,s (from Japan) has change this. He has shown that a correctly designed and made denture can have the same suction as a well fitting full upper denture. Of course, it isn’t possible to make this work for everyone but we have had approximate an eighty percent success of creating  a very stable denture. For those where it has not been possible to create adequate suction, we have found that the technique is still helpfully. 


My 31 day challenge to Go Sober for October

This October I’m going to become a hero. A Soberhero, to be precise. I’m going alcohol free for 31 whole days. I might even wear a cape.

And this heroic quest is all for a great cause. I’m taking part in Go Sober – the challenge raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support – which means no booze for the whole of October. I will be brave, I will be fearless, I will be beerless.

Please support my heroic efforts. Visit my profile page link, and please leave a donation:

Thanks in advance for your kind sponsorship,



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I would like to thank Jonathan Bill for his kind words.


Anthony Bonner is one of the UK’s leading providers of the CQR dentures. The dentures Anthony makes are of a exception high standard and give the patient the ability to eat a wider range of foods. This done by giving you more stable dentures while eating your food. CQR technique makes a big difference to the well being of the patient, but that difference can be magnified even further if they are made by a highly skilled clinician. CQR doesn’t normally recommend individuals, but in Anthony’s case you have a highly skilled, exceptional practitioner“. Jonathan Bill CQR developer and UK and Europe Training Co-ordinator.


CQR Comfortable Dentures

CODE-110082 CQR Dentures For Living logoIf you wear dentures or are being fitted for dentures, Cornwall Denture Clinic is one of the first specially trained dental practices in the UK to offer – CQR™ Dentures

CQR™ Dentures are based on modern research techniques into muscle function by a group of dental professionals and scientists from Loughborough University. This new construction process allows us to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of your mouth. This means that muscles of your jaw can work more effectively to allow a better chewing action. They are also more stable so that you feel more confident when smiling and talking.  Please click the following link to see the results of a recent case DSCN2115. This patient could not control her old lower denture as she had no  ridge to support it. However. the replacement CQR denture was stable and she reported that she could eat foods that she had not been able to manage for a long time.


What are Clinical Dental Technicians?

Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) are Dental Technicians who have taken additional qualifications to allow them to work directly to the public. It is illegal for Dental Technicians to work clinically. CDTs can provide variety removable dental appliances such as dentures, sports mouth guards and anti-snoring devices. They have been trained in the skill and procedures they need to be able to provide such appliances directly to the public. Skills such as cross infection control procedures, medical emergency, oral cancer screening and understanding the effects of medication.  CDTs can also provide other services such as tooth whitening and change implant attachments under a prescription from a dentist.

CDTs are the newest member of the dental team. They came about following a report in 1990 by The Nuffield Foundation commissioned by the government. The report identified a number of failings in dentistry in the UK. It looked at the success in other counties such as Canada and Australia where CDTs had been legal for many years. The report recommended the same model should be applied in the UK. The report also found that many denture wears were already avoiding the services of dentist as they were unhappy with the dentures they received and were going directly to Dental Technicians. However, these patients where putting their health at risk as Dental Technicians were not adequately trained clinically. The Dentistry Act was amended in 2006 and Dental Technicians were invited to undertake clinical training. There are currently about 400 CDTs in the UK (at the time of writing).  All Dental Technicians have been given the opportunity to train clinically however many still operate illegally. If you are offered dental appliances – tooth whitening you should check you are using the services of a suitable qualified Dental Professional. You can do this by visiting the web site of the General Dental Council (GDC)  to check their registration details.  Please click on their name to check they are a Dentist or Clinical Dental Technician.

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Visit us on Mazey Day


Visit us on Mazey Day (27th June).  Come and rest your legs and join us for a free cup of tea or coffee. Take one of our discount vouchers and have a chat with us. Talk to us about Tooth Whitening, Sports Mouth guards, Veneers, Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges and even Dentures. We manufacture all these and much more in our laboratory. Our door will be open from 10am.