CODE-110082 CQR Dentures For Living logoIf you wear dentures or are being fitted for dentures, Cornwall Denture Clinic is one of the first specially trained dental practices in the UK to offer – CQR™ Dentures

CQR™ Dentures are based on modern research techniques into muscle function by a group of dental professionals and scientists from Loughborough University. This new construction process allows us to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of your mouth. This means that muscles of your jaw can work more effectively to allow a better chewing action. They are also more stable so that you feel more confident when smiling and talking.  Please click the following link to see the results of a recent case DSCN2115. This patient could not control her old lower denture as she had no  ridge to support it. However. the replacement CQR denture was stable and she reported that she could eat foods that she had not been able to manage for a long time.

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